Chris Lorenc

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A lawyer by background, Chris Lorenc has been President of the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association (MHCA) since 1991 and President of the Western Canada Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association since 1995.
Mr. Lorenc served on Winnipeg City Council from 1983 until his retirement from public office in 1992.
Mr. Lorenc has served as a member since 2000 of the Manitoba Employers Council; a founding member (2009) and past Chair (2016-2018) of the CentrePort Canada Board of Directors; founding Chair (since 2004) of the SAFE Roads Committee; member (since 2014) of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Board of Directors and member of its Governance & Nominations Committee.
Since 1991, Mr. Lorenc has been active with the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) and serves on several of its standing committees including the Civil Infrastructure Council. He has been a leading advocate championing the links between strategic investment in infrastructure and economic growth. His contributions at the national level were acknowledged with a public recognition presented to him by the CCA, the first time a Chief Operating Officer has been so recognized.
In 2011, Mr. Lorenc chaired the Infrastructure Funding Council Report for then Mayor Sam Katz and the Association of Manitoba Municipalities. It identified sustainable infrastructure funding models for municipalities. The report continues to influence and shape infrastructure funding policy discussion.
The Mayor’s Trade Council report he chaired (2007-08) for Mayor Katz is often cited as the genesis of CentrePort Canada. For this work, he was awarded in June 2009 the ‘Manitoba Service Excellence Partnership Award’ by the Government of Manitoba.
He was founding member of the Manitoba Construction Sector Council (2001-2008); served as Chair of the CentrePort Canada Board of Directors (2016-2018); Winnipeg Football Club Corporate Secretary and member of its Executive Committee (2016-2018); employer representative on the Manitoba Labour Board (2008-2018); employer representative on the WCB Act Legislative Review Committees in 2005 and again in 2017; employer representative on the WCB Board of Directors (2016-2018) and chair of its Prevention Committee (2017-2018); he chaired the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region Master Transportation Plan Implementation Task Force in 2015 resulting in a report Transportation Driving Growth (2016); in2014 he initiated and was named chair of the CCA Aboriginal Engagement Best Practices Task Force, whose report Indigenous Engagement Guide is the first best-practices guide of its kind designed to assist the Canadian construction industry to meaningfully engage with Canada’s Indigenous communities.
Mr. Lorenc has served on several civic and provincial policy task forces. He is often invited to speak to a variety of forums and to comment in media on broad public policy topics.
Mr. Lorenc has been married to Maria since 1981; they have three sons Marek (’84), Gregory (’86) and Michael (’88). Mr. Lorenc enjoys reading, boating and spending time at the family cottage at Winnipeg Beach.